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                              Concessions and Entertainment


Having a big party? Planning on hungry guests? At WorldWide Party Rental, we've got solutions for your need to feed -- authentic, classic party concession machines. We have a variety of table-mounted machines equipped to easily prepare high volumes of popular party foods, such as: hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones.


-Simple, like it used to be. Tired of hours of prep cooking and complicated setup, just to feed your hungry guests? Our machines are table-mounted, incredibly easy to use and come with enough supplies to feed 50 to 70 people. Don't have tables? Need an attendant? Worldwide Miami Party Rental would be more than happy to supply exactly what your event requires. Give us a call!​

-Classic. You can't argue with what works! Served at parties and events as early as the 19th century, hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones are classic party food, delicious and sure to please.​

-Transformative. Food can make the difference between happy guests and guests who can't wait to leave. Better said, good food can make a good party great. With our stylish, classic, easy-to-use machine rentals, transform your event from just a simple get together into a lively carnival today!

concessions machines $75.00 each with servings for 50 kids

hot dog machine $55.00

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