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Worldwide Party Rental is a company in South Florida With a large inventories of Frame party tents and wedding tent rentals, Depending on the scale of your event, Worldwide Party Rental can offer small tent rentals for intimate gatherings or large tent rentals for big groups. We also offer a number of different styles of Tents including: canopy tent rentals, clear span tents, frame party tent rentals, pole tents and wedding tent rentals. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us to discuss your event needs. Our event planning experts will help you decide on the right tent rental for your event. Worldwide Party Rental even delivers and sets up the tent rental so you don't have to worry about keeping the party hot Worldwide Party Rental also offers heating and cooling systems that can be set up inside the tents for outdoor tent events. We also supply decor which can be used to customize the look of your tent rental and coordinate with your party's theme or color arrangement. For rentals, please feel free to contact at 786-773-9320 and ask whether a frame tent is the right choice for your special event.

10x10 tent 


10x10 tents

20 x 30 tent 

 S 300.00

10x40 tents

10 x 20 tent 

 $ 170.00

10x20 tent

20 x 20 tent 


10x30 tents

20 x 40 tent

$ 380.00

10x40 tents

20 x 60 tent 


20x60 tents

20 x 50 tent


10x50 tents

Catedral windows and Standard Sidewall you can choose depending on the type of event or taste


                                  S35.00  each 20 feet long

catedral sidewall




You can rent the patio heaters in winter to create a warm atmosphere and give your guests a perfect event in income included propane.


patio heater

Industrial Oscillating Fan


pedestl fan

cooler for food or beverages



Dance floors are mainly the live of the party. Where everyone gets up to dance to enjoy music with family and friends

                                                                       Call for Pricing in different sizes

dance floor

chocolate fountain 

chamoagne fountain

Chafing Dish  


chafing dish
wood dance floor
black dance floor

cups for all drinks starting at $ 0.65 cents





dinner plates




 sofas and chairs, bar stools and cocktail tables, to ottomans and coffee tables, we can create an environment best suited to your event’s needs and one that people will talk about and remember for quite some time. Our inventory is always evolving, so please contact us directly to inquire about what we can do for your event. We offer tremendous options at very reasonable rates

led furnture
led furniture
led furniture
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